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Japanese Style Saki Set

Japanese Style Saki Set

  • The material is lead-free crystal glass, the size of the tank: 11.3x9x10.3cm; the size of the bottle is 4.2x12.5x4.5cm; the size of the cup is 5.3x4.2x3cm
  • Hand-made hammer eye texture, real touch, warm wine in winter, ice wine in summer, you can invite friends as guests, or as a holiday gift
  • The rich and wind hammer pattern design gives the exquisite wine bottle a restrained literary and artistic temperament. Whether it is a drink alone or a drink with three or five friends, you can feel his comfort and elegance.
  • Ceramic sake cups , Japanese traditional design unique, elegant, quiet.Add fun to your life by filling it with wine, juice, etc
  • Perfect for friends and family housewarming, weddings, mother's day, father's day, Christmas and New Year's day.
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