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Стеклянная банка для хранения (500 мл)

Стеклянная банка для хранения (500 мл)

ЦенаОт 250,00₹
  • This wire top glass jars have a specially designed clamp top lid which includes a rubber gasket to ensure a leak proof and airtight seal unlike most glass mason jars.
  • The fancy glass jars are made of thick, quality glass with a special square design that provides extra strength to protect against shattering like other small glass jars.
  • These are perfect size to be used as glass spice jars, storage jars for small arts and crafts accessories, bathroom storage, and much much more.
  • The glass jars make great party favors for guests at a wedding or at other special events or a gift to your favorite arts and crafts enthusiast. Order your glass jar set today!
  • [Lovely Kitchen Decoration] - Organic combination of aesthetic silhouette and study wire structure, bringing your kitchen with a modern and stylish flavour. Filling with different kind of foods into these jars and then you will find how beautiful scene they are.
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