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Delisoga Brandy Glass (Set Of 6)

Delisoga Brandy Glass (Set Of 6)

Artikelnummer: BRNDYGLS
  • IDEAL FOR BRANDY OR COGNAC - This small crystal glasses, set of 6 are perfect for you to enjoy a alco spirits, with a tapered rim that directs the flow of the drink toward the front palate and highlights the richness of your spirits drinks
  • STURDY GLASSES: Dishwasher safe and resistant to breakage, chipping and scratching. This whiskey glasses set is finely made and dishwasher safe.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: glass with 1960s styling designed to concentrate the aromas and flavor of the finest whiskeys (Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Macallan). We offer a complete set of original Scotch, bourbon and whiskey glasses to satisfy fans of this noble spirit.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Ladies, if you're looking for a very unique gift to give your significant other this holiday season, give these a look. The unusual design old fashioned whiskey glasses is perfect for both of you.
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