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Bamboo Lid Square Glass Container ( Set Of 1)

Bamboo Lid Square Glass Container ( Set Of 1)

PriceFrom ₹300.00
  • The storage jar with airtight wooden lid of the compact glass containers allows you to store them conveniently without wasting any space in your fridge. You can easily pack multiple units on a single shelf to utilize every corner.
  • Make your kitchen counter and pantry organized with this stylish jar, perfect for your beautiful home and kitchen, it help you save space in your kitchen
  • Square shape glass jar for storage, Pickle jar, Spice jar Avoid use of plastic, use only Glass bottle for health and safety reasons.
  • Simple TO CLEAN: Waterproof Glass Canister Set with tops is exceptionally simple to clean. Expel gaskets and utilize cleanser and water to wash it. Introduce the cover once more for reuse
  • Multifunctional Kitchen Food Storage Jar - Great for storing everything from flour, crackers, snacks, pasta, coffee, rice, sugar, to smaller servings of cereal.
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